Thursday, January 29, 2009


<^Why people are sharing their laugh and love?

Before we are going to explore more and more about psychology,first of all we must know what is the definition of the word psychology itself.

Based on wikipedia or others dictionary..Psychology is the scientific study of human mental process and behavior,thought and feeling. We can see from the definiton itself psychology is the scientific study so it is not fair if we blame psychology as the unvalid knowledge like most of people did nowadays.

The fact is, psychology is the one who play a big role in your daily life. How you deal with yourself to see,feel and react with situation and something that occur in your life.

For me Psychology is the story based on research of how and why human see,feel and react at one thing or condition.

And because of that in can be an one of the source of answers if sometime you had doing a good work in office but you still not unhappy,why a men who knowingly as kind hearted can killing people and why mom still love their children even they left her.Why You as human, still helping people eventhough there is no reward or benefit for you.

Psychology are the wide field of knowledge,we can divide it into many branches such as social psychology, deveplopment psychology, personality psychology, counselling, clinical psychology and many more.

Lets stay with me to know more about psychology~~

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Its all about psychology and you!!

Psychology field is one of the knowledge that you might rarely heard about it or if we compared your knowledge about psychology with mechanical or automation field, i am sure most of people outside will realize that their knowledge about psychology is just under their footstep!..
Its not our mistake or anyone, its only because of our less expose about psychology world in our reality life nowadays.

Its like if one day people ask you, what is psychology? The first thing come to your mind is, its all about crazy people!! psychology is the story of crazy people....

That's very very very wrong thought that i think it is the time to us to throw it away...

Psychology is a great interesting knowledge for you to learn and understand, its all about you and your life..its answer why you fall in love,why you want to be success and most important of all the reason,psychology improve the strength of the reason why you have to appreciate this wonderful life as well as why you have to love yourself,your family and your surrounding. Psychology make your life more meaningful and enjoyable..
trust me!!~~

So, i create this blog to share with all of you my little knowledge about psychology.I will try to make it more fun by more related it with what happen in our daily life than just telling you about the fact and the philosophy. HohohO...

Let'S join me to explore this interesting world!!